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Health tourism

Unlocking Wellness Abroad: The Rise of Health Tourism

In an era where global connectivity knows no bounds, a new trend is emerging—health tourism. People are increasingly crossing borders not just for leisure, but with a purpose: to access high-quality medical care and wellness services in foreign lands. This burgeoning industry offers a unique blend of healthcare and travel, combining the quest for well-being with the allure of exploration.

15 years in the field of health tourism

For the past 15 years, our commitment to pioneering healthcare solutions and redefining the concept of wellness travel has been unwavering. Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of the health tourism industry, dedicated to providing individuals with unparalleled access to world-class medical treatments and transformative wellness experiences.


more than companies that cooperate with us


years in the field of health tourism

Health Tourism Permit Certificate

International certificate of permission for medical tourism,
medical institutions and intermediary organizations are required to carry out international health tourism and tourism and health activities.

Health Tourism Incentives

Most of the expenses you make for Health Tourism are included in the scope of incentives. To give examples of these, Offices, Establishments Abroad, Advertising-Promotion Abroad, Employment Support.


Popular tourism countries

New York, USA

Malmo, SE

Toronto, CA

Athens, GR

Whar Our Clients Say


Alice Howard

My medical tourism experience was impressive. I decided to undergo surgery abroad, and the choice fell on a medical tour to an excellent clinic. From the moment I arrived I was surrounded with care and attention. The doctors were highly qualified, the staff was polite, and the living conditions were comfortable. The surgery was a success and I am grateful for such professional and caring service.

Nathan Marshall

Having chosen a medical tour for rehabilitation after a difficult period of illness, I discovered that it was not just treatment, but also a real vacation. The clinic offered not only high-quality procedures, but also amazing relaxation conditions. I returned home not only healthy, but also completely restored

Ema Romero

Concerns about medical tourism were put to rest when I visited a clinic abroad. The professionalism of the doctors, the use of the latest technologies and a thorough approach to treatment left the best impression. I received high quality treatment accompanied by an individual approach to each patient

Ann Smith

Medical tourism was a great decision for me. I received the necessary treatment at an affordable price, and the quality of services was at the highest level. The clinic was modern, the staff was professional, and the organization of the trip was well thought out. Thanks to medical tourism, I not only saved money, but also received excellent service.

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